What we make is a future itself that is now coming, not machine, not a system.
Asahi weldex co, is always walking toward the contact point with the future
in order to find a solution required in the dazzling quick change and innovation.
And we take off toward the newer era-with endless possibility.


Our company has been doing business as a company handling the high pressure gas welding equipment since the establishment in 1954.
And in 21st century, we are born again in line with this new era.
We think that we should start from the site, and quick response to the requirements of products. technology, and service.
We always make the best efforts to get the close reliability, which is the basic attitude of our company.
We are making our way through the yesterday by sublimating the character and creativity of individual employees into the bigger power.
Technical know-how on the equipment, system is required in the field of welding. cutting, and providing suggestions through the direct
exchanging of opinions with customers is required even though this is the era ol IT revolution.
Thus we think that our company is worth existing as equipped with abundant technological knowledge and performances.
ln future also, we will contribute to the development of society, and faithfully develop our business to meet the requirements of
many people. Please wait and see us with much affection


Company Name ASAHI WELDEX co., ltd.
Founded Year MAR. 1954
Capital JPY 40,000,000
Executives Chairman YOSHIYUKI, YAMAYOSHI
  Executive Director NOBORU, YAMAYOSHI
  Director and Administration submanager NAMI, YAMAYOSHI
  Executive TSUTOMU, KAMISHIORI (Sales Manager)
    HIROSHI, YAMAYOSHI (Factory Manager)
Bank with which
Company has account
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
The Nanto Bank., Ltd.
The Bank of IKEDA., Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
The Kiyo Bank, Ltd.
OSAKA 590-0908 JAPAN
Tel +81-72-222-5151
Fax +81-72-223-6430
affiliated company OSAKA PACKAGE GAS CENTER CO.,LTD.

Plant Facilities

ceiling crane 1.5 t : 1 machine, 2 t : 1 machine, 2.8 t : 1 machine, 5 t / 10 t double : 1 machine
forklift 0.9 t : 1machine, 1.1 t :1machine, 1.5 t :1machine, 2 t :1machine, 4 t :1machine, 7 t :1machine
site area 6,800m2
building area 3Floor Management block, Factory block, Strage block, Gas Strage block, Total : 4800m2

Various Certificates

Permit to sell high-pressure gas 0saka number 7688
The firs rate permit to sell permitnumber 1149
The second rate permit to sell permit number 0127610013
Security person of high-pressure gas manufacture permit number 2371
Permit to install second rate storage for high-pressure gas security number 19-16
Machine and instrument installation work (22) number 134893
WES 2a rate number LS31359
JIS-SA-3 F (downward) SB0804682
JIS-SA-3 V(upward) SB0804682
JIS-SA-3 H(three O'clock welding) SB0804682
Certificate of electrical work Kinki trade and industry bureau number 5450
Company of the second rate electrical work Osaka number 88755
Permit to run junk shop permit number 622072206126
Permit to sell and lease administered medical devices medicine number PO-1126

Client Maker

Nippon Steel & Sumikin Welding Co., Ltd. Products catalog
Daihen Welding and Mechatoronics Systems Co.,Ltd
Panasonic Welding Systems Co., Ltd.
MHI Solution Technologies Co.,Ltd


Wide Map


1954.03 Asahi Industrial manufactory opened in Sakai City.Began to sell welding machine and material.
1959.06 Sales agent of high-pressure gas, Began to sell high-pressure gas.
1960.07 Sales agent of Hitachi, Ltd.
1962.11 Business office newly built.
1963.05 Purchased about 230m2 of land in 2,Minamihatagochioseo, Sakai City.
1964.06 Sales agent of Fuji Welding Rod Ltd.
1966.05 Organization changed to expand business.Asahi industrial Department established (capital: 10,000,000 yen).
1968.01 Business office newly built in second floor building.
1968.04 Sales agent of Daihen Ltd.(OTC)
1970.10 Sales agent of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Welding Co.,Ltd.
1971.10 Agent of welding rod of Kobe Steel, Ltd.
1975.08 Built extension of sales office for expanding business office.
High-pressure gas center established in Sakai factory of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Co. Agent of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Co.
1976.04 Taiyo Sakai Gas Center Ltd.established in Sakai factory by investment of 6 agents of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Co.YOSHIYUKI, YAMAYOSHI inaugurated as CEO
1979.05 For the purpose of business expansion, about 264m2 of land purchased in 2, Shinjaikechyoni city, Sakai City.Warehouse newly built.
1981.10 With 100% investment(capital, 10,000,000 yen), established for specializing rental and repair of welding machine.
Ashai Engineer Service co. YAMAYOSHI TAKESHI inaugurated as a representative.
1982.06 Repair and rental started with 20 welding machine
1985.03 Owned 400 welding machines
1988.05 Participated for the first time in 88 international welding show. Began display all over Japan.
1988.11 Beginning with small-size automatic welding equipment rental for Kobe Steel, Ltd.the rental of automatic machine started Owned 700 machines for rental '
1990.05 New office building built (3 floors, 700m2) in 2, Minamihatakochyoseo, Sakai City
1991.01 Developed small-size automatic welding equipment and began manufacturing and selling
1994.05 Factory moved to new site of 2150m2 in Uedaicho, lzhumi City
1995.06 Obtained first order for welding machines for construction of Shin-meishin Expressway.
2000.11 Owned 4000 welding machines
2001.03 Asahi Weldex Ltd.established by merging Asahi Industry Ltd.and Asahi Engineering Service.YAMAYOSHI TAKESHI inaugurated as representative (capital; 20,000,000 yen)
2002.03 Began to import Southeast Asian product.
2002.09 Began to sell AUTO CARRIAGE CS-5 by the technology exchange with Korean maker.
2003.11 Began to import overseas welding on full-scale.
2003.12 Purchased land of about 8000m2 in Tech nostage, lzumi city for expansion of business.
2004.05 Factory moved to from Wumedaizo, lzumi city to a new factory of 2800m2, in Technostage, lzumi city for expansion of development and rental business.
2004.08 Developmet and sales of large size welding equipment started.
2005.03 Constructed the second factory of 1600m2 in Technostage, lzumi city
2006.03 Owned 4500 machine for rental.
2006.06 Affiliated. Liaison office of AK WELDING opened in Busan, Korea. Sales of AUTO CARRIAGE CS-5A of original specification started,
2006.09 Production and sales of small size specific automatic welding equipment.
2007.01 First order for welding machine for expansion construction of Haneda International Air Port's D air strip.
2007.06 First display in China lntemational Welding Show.
2008.01 Overseas sales of automatic welding equipment and.cutter.
2008.11 Land in Technostage, lzumi city rented for business change.
2009.10 Purchased the land of 68,000m2 in Takumicho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City.
2010.12 Construction of 3 floor building of about 4800m2 for administration building, factory building and warehouse building completed.
2011.01 Moved to present location and began business.
2011.03 Began to assemble large size equipment in factory building.
2012.04 Began to do business as a manufacturer and trade corporation for 2012 lntemational welding show.