Living by people, saving people
High technology and the optimum convergence of system
High-pressure gas gases
We offer various kinds of compressed gases and liquefied gases
including high pressure gas for industrial use, new energy gases and
event gases; all of which are used in a broad range of applications
in the manufacturing industry, environmental inspection,
food industry, medical industry, commercial advertisements,
new fuel applications,etc.
Welding machines and welding materials
We propose and offer totally the machines and joint materials,
Which are used for machining, cutting and joining various kinds of
metals, including ion, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
Metal machining tools and working tools
While advising the relevant cost and performance, we offer the
environmental improvement related equipment, including; metal
machining tools; working tools; electric driven pneumatic tools:
onsumables such as abrasives, cutting tools and chemicals;
protective equipment; control devices, power-saving devices, etc.
Quick response in the industry-leading holdings rental
We stock the industry largest number of equipment related to
welding machines, and rent the equipment quickly all over the
country, including an automatic welding machine.
Assuring confidence through the broad field
Manufacturing and improving
In consideration of productivity and total cost, we offer better
products more quickly based on a principle of "Manufacturing and
concept that match the needs on the site".
Planning and development
Technical proposal force to meet the demands of as much as possible.
Support system for security and satisfaction
Maintenance services
For your quality assurance, we backup maintenance and
management works on your production facility with our unique
support system, including mainly the welding related equipment.
Welding training and on-site adjustment
We support to improve the welding quality on the site,
in cooperation with manufacturers.